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We are Entrepreneurs, Tech nerds, Sales pros, Engineers, Marketing geeks & relationship builders.

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Wolfpaxx was created by a tech entrepreneur who understands the struggle of building your own IT Support business. He wanted to make it easy to grow and prosper on a road-tested, award-winning ecosystem.

Our story begins in 1997 when Tim Shoop, CEO of Wolfpaxx, ventured out to start his first IT Support Company.  After working for other IT companies over the years, he knew tech.  But he quickly found out that starting your own service business, no matter what industry, it takes more than just knowing how to fix and service your client’s machines.  In order to achieve mega-million dollar production, you must understand and know sales processes, marketing, accounting, service tracking, workflows, process management, vendor negotiations, pipelines, supply chains, branding, public speaking, and of course every business owner’s nightmare:  the behemoth and balance of good human resource/talent management.  

Dozens of awards, decades of intellectual property, and 25 years of learning, building, and growing through failure and success, Tim is bringing a proven system to market so you too, can build off of our success.

Company's Leaders


Tim Shoop

Founder and CEO

Tim is the driver of new ideas, relationships, and growth.  He is known to wake up at 3AM with pen and paper in hand.


Kathleen Shoop

VP of Partner Development

Kathleen is in charge of training and working with each partner to achieve success.


Brian Wilkey

VP of Operations

Brian is in charge of partner management and operational efficiencies.

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We understand the thrill of building something from the ground up.  Heck, we did it ourselves!  However, we also understand how long it took to do it right.  If you don’t want to wait and want the confidence of partnering with Mega-Million Dollar Producers, click the button and schedule a demo today to learn more.  Don’t wait, as we don’t know yet how many partnerships we plan to allow before we close the door.

The Wolfpaxx Story

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We built a Multi-Store Break/Fix business, then followed it up with a Multi-Million Dollar MSP.  Now it’s your turn!

After building a break/fix shop from scratch as his first real Entrepreneurial venture, Tim then grew it to several stores before selling it.  

Then he co-founded a small MSP (Managed IT Provider) in the back of one of his shops.  

That provider has perfected the process of growth without losing the art of customer service.  With a strong focus on talent management, process management, sales processes, and metrics-driven oversight, that MSP is now a multi-million dollar producer, without losing its startup mentality.

So what does all of that have to do with this thing called WolfPaxx???

We understand how long it took to get here.  We also understand how hard it is to WORK ON an IT Support Company, instead of falling into the grips of WORKING IN IT.  

When you are so busy supporting your customers, you have no time to grow it.  Why put yourself through that?  Why not partner with a company that has already built an award-winning company and system of processes, that will make you look like the IT Rockstar you truly are.  

There is only a small window before there is another industry shift and the door closes.  If you try to do it yourself, you may miss the opportunity that is right in front of you.  

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Partners love the pack!

I was referred to WolfPaxx by a colleague at a conference. WolfPaxx is very process-oriented and it was noticeable from the moment I engaged with them. I am very confident when I refer them to a client that needs help in this space. WolfPaxx delivers every time!
John Pyron
The Business Doctor
I was struggling to find a partner in the technology space that did more than just let me sell their solutions. With Wolfpaxx, all I do is bring the lead to them. They do everything else. I haven't had a single sale that didn't result in a happy customer. Wolfpaxx makes me look great!
David Sutter
As a busy break/fix shop, I tried to add Managed IT Services in-house. It was a nightmare, as I couldn't move it forward while maintaining all of my residential customers. With Wolfpaxx, I've added thousands to my monthly revenue, without changing anything. It's great!
testimonial person
Rob Alpara
high-tech services